About me

My name is Janice Ahn ( 안지현 ), a first-year PhD student at Penn State University, supervised by Prof. Wenpeng Yin. Before PSU, I was an undergraduate at Arizona State University and University of Wisconsin Madison.

My current research interest focuses on Large Language Models, Mathematical Word Problems and Multilingual.


( * indicates equal contribution)

  1. Janice Ahn, RISHU VERMA, Renze Lou, Di Liu, Rui Zhang, Wenpeng Yin. Large Language Models for Mathematical Reasoning: Progresses and Challenges. In EACL 2024 Student Research Workshop.
  2. Renze Lou, Kai Zhang, Jian Xie, Yuxuan Sun, Janice Ahn, Hanzi Xu, Yu Su, Wenpeng Yin. MUFFIN: Curating Multi-Faceted Instructions for Improving Instruction-Following. In ICLR 2024.
    [Paper]; [Website]

Research Experience:

  • Research Assistant @ Penn State University.
    -- Supervised by Prof. Wenpeng Yin. Aug. 2023 ~ Present.
  • Internship @ Suresoft.
    -- ADAS Verification Technology Team. May. 2022 ~ July. 2022


  • Email: jfa5672 (at) psu (dot) edu
  • Average Response Time: within 24 hours.